Citrus reticulata | Tangerine | Chen Pi

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  • PARTS USED: Peel
  • TASTE: Pungent, Bitter
  • MERIDIANS: Lung, Spleen, Stomach
  • ACTIONS: Anti-asthmatic,
  • anti-inflammatory, carminative, digestive stimulant, expectorant, circulatory stimulant; trials have also shown that the plant is effective for acute mastitis

The peel of both ripe tangerines (Chen Pi) and unripe (Qing Pi) is used in Chinese medicine. Qing Pi focuses more on the liver and gall bladder, while Chen Pi is used to strengthen and move stagnant spleen and stomach Qi, dry dampness, resolve phlegm, and reverse the upward flow of Qi in productive coughs.It is useful as a carminative to ease abdominal discomfort and poor appetite, and as an expectorant for coughs with copious sputum. In Chinese terms, vomiting is related to rising Qi, so Chen Pi is used to combat nausea.

Avoid in hemoptysis and if there is no sign of damp/phlegm stagnation.


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