Hyssopus Officinalis | Hyssop

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  • PARTS USED : leaves

  • TASTE : pungent, bitter 

  • CHARACTER : dry, neutral

  • MERIDIANS : lung, spleen, large intestine

  • ACTIONS : expectorant, carminative, peripheral vasodilator, diaphoretic, anticatarrhal, topically anti-inflammatory, antiviral (Herpes simplex)

like other members of the mint family, hyssop is a bitter digestive tonic and useful in cooking, but its main medical application is for the upper respiratory tract: it is ideal for infections, bronchial congestion, coughs, and feverish chills. It helps to strengthen and energize Yang and some Western herbalists compare it in action to Jie Geng . As a digestive remedy it can be useful for wind and colic and is quite safe to use with children. The essential oil is mildly sedative and can be added to relaxing baths.

Excessive use of the essential oil may cause convulsions.


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